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 Posted: Fri Feb 4th, 2011 08:53 am
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Huw, some more excellent links to ponder, especially Smokey Bottom. The drawings are very interesting in The armchair general, I was a Technical Artist many years ago.

I think I fancy something a bit more home built, as if it had been made in the farm workshops with limited funds and resources. I have not decided finally yet, I like to get the feel of the kit first. I will however think of it as the Ford version that the farm picked up second hand after the war.

The first picture shows a Bedford truck working in New Zealand, this photo fired my imagination and was the catalyst for starting Two sister’s Farm originally. I rather liked the idea of different vehicles along with more conventional forms of motive power.

I still don’t have an example of another favourite of mine the Bedford QL there is a 1/35 scale kit of it with a gun mounted in the back. With such a small layout all you can do really is add more forms of motive power to keep your interest going. I have always had an interest in soft skinned military vehicles more than the armoured ones. The model keeps my interest alive by making them into rail trucks. I also know that at an exhibition no one else will have the same forms of motive power that I have, wonderful thing the imagination.

The other two pictures illustrate some of the other oddities that have been built. I think however bizarre your imagination is it has probably already been done. The prototype for everything syndrome I suppose.

Peter M
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