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 Posted: Thu Feb 3rd, 2011 07:33 pm
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I'm in the process of going through some of the bookmarks on my computer - and dug these ones out - I don't know how relevant they are.

Although these ones are more about models than real trucks, they clearly show that some 2 axle Ford AAs (and GAZ derivatives) were converted into tankers:

I also came across a site with loads of drawings and photos of the Russian trucks (there are separate pages for each variant - eg for the GAZ AAA, replace the "GAZ_AA" at the end of the address with "GAZ_AAA" and so on):

There was also this one - loads of detailed (unfortunately unscaled) drawings of Russian and German trucks, tanks etc from WW2. There's a menu on the left, with a number of links - following the "Russian Trucks" link leads you to a number of thumbails, each of which leads to drawings of the specific types. A flag at the top right of the initial page leads to a related site, doing the same for vehicles used by Germany during WW2. Both sites also include loads of vehicles imported from other countries, or used after they'd been abandoned by retreating armies (like a number of Chevrolets). I spent a bit of time here:

Finally, a page from a workshop forum site - if you scroll down, you'll find some drawings for the (apparently similar) Ford B:

I hope some of these are of some use (or at least as much interest as they are to me).

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