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 Posted: Mon Jan 24th, 2011 05:36 pm
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Update!!!! :glad::glad::glad:

A month ago, we moved to a new home, and they life...

Well, I was so happy and took an old project to finish.

Firts thing I did was a stone foundation, I poured some plaster in a mold and scribed all the stones with a knife. Then I did a wash with ink to the wood sides and painted the interior white and brown.

The front windows was perfect for add a complete interior, so, I had to add a lot of stuffs to those empty shelves you saw in the first pics. I add a couple of castings outside from Rusty Rails.

The old posters was printed in a laser color printer and glued to the sides. Fruits and more was modeled with putty.



Now, I´m working in adding some lights and the exterior terrain, still needs a lot of work, but am very happy to back to the hobbie with this kit.

More to come... :2t:

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