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 Posted: Wed Dec 22nd, 2010 07:07 pm
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On my larger layout T have a dock with a tugboat (Steel Drum fastioned after mt own tugboat).

The water is 'Magic Water' which is by far the best I've used todate.

The area was sealed with acylic paint and painted with dark greens and browns, same with the pilings.

A small amount of tint was added to the magic water altough I think I could of added just a little more.

With the tugboat in place, paint white with a 'dry' brush for the wake and the prop wash aft of the boat.

After that is dry use Mod Podge to creat the water surface effect, bow wave and prop wash. Mod Podge will go on white then turn clear as it drys. by painting the white below it gives the surface that shiney wet look and the white bubble seam deeper than just the surface.


This process can be used for any moving water. Just love the effect it gives.

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