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 Posted: Fri Oct 22nd, 2010 03:02 am
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I recently decided to get out of N scale after 7 years.  

I've always been crazy about detailing things, and N scale got frustrating. 

I figured a scale change would be just the thing to keep my sanity, 

so after selling most of my N scale stuff off, I picked up a Shay and Log cars, and almost immediately set to work...




I tried the painting tips on the Boulder Valley Models website, and I was pretty happy with the results for the wood. 

I did add a step, which was drybrushing with an artist's colored pencil in a 30% cool grey. 

The rust is Artists oils and Bragdon powders.

When I first started building models as a kid, 

A guy I knew who was a stellar modeller said "Anyone can take an expensive model and ruin it with a crap paint job. 

It takes time and practice to take a crap model and make it LOOK expensive."

As a bonus, earlier in the week, a large branch snapped off a maple across the street...



I started building trains for the money and the Groupies. Now I just do it for the Groupies.

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