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 Posted: Tue Oct 5th, 2010 07:13 am
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Flushed with the success of how well the Opel Blitz performed I started looking round for other suitable trucks to modify. A trip to my local shop yielded nothing but a look in an Italeri catalogue showed a Chevrolet short wheel base truck I thought rather attractive. I remember as a child a local farmer delivering loads of logs in the winter time with one of these.
I ordered one and when it arrived found it to be a little shorter than I thought it would be.
Undaunted I made a chassis out of plasticard to fit an Athearn switcher chassis. I found by trial and error that I needed to lengthen the body to suit the plasticard chassis. I inserted a large toolbox box between the cab and the body. I cut out bits of the body floor, cab floor and engine bulkhead to get the body to fit over the Athearn chassis. After much cutting, filling and checking, I got it to fit. I put the model on the layout and disaster.
It looked ridiculous, it sat far too high. I put it to one side and had a rethink.

The answer to my problem was a Bachmann Brill Trolley chassis. It fitted quite well and with its much smaller wheels looked right.

The Chevrolet looks about right to my eye and runs remarkably well, only one truck is powered but it picks up current with all eight wheels.

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