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 Posted: Mon Oct 4th, 2010 06:26 pm
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I bought some sidelines wagon kits and a small Wasp kit and collected them from Steve Bennett at an excellent narrow gauge exhibition in Pewsey, Wiltshire.

The little wagons went together very well and I sprayed then with grey car primer. I then gave them a thin wash of Indian ink lightened with grey acrylic. The iron work was then picked out in a rust colour. All the wagons were fitted with KD couplers.
The Wasp loco sits on a Bachmann 44tonner bogie and has a few extra details an exhaust pipe, air cleaner and a hand rail at the back of the open cab added. It was sprayed a bauxite red colour and given a wash of black ink then dry brushed with light grey. Despite filling every available space with lead the little Wasp needs careful driving over the dead frog points on the layout. The driver figure is a Tamiya soldier civilianised with the aid of a scalpel and file.

The greenhouse and fuel tank are just roughly positioned at this stage.

I also bodged a freelance shunter using a Hornby 0-4-0 chassis, it runs quite well given its humble origin, with a hand held feed back controller. The body on this is also filled with lead in every little crevice. The driving wheels are now hidden behind full skirts which improves it appearance, it is not used much but kept in reserve.
Both these locos are fitted with link and pin couplers which work very well with the KD’s The pin being a U shaped bit of paper clip, a bit crude but it works.
In the photo the loco is seen pushing a wagon past the water tower and coaling stage.

Peter M
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