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 Posted: Sun Oct 3rd, 2010 02:41 pm
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Again showing the early stages I bought a ON30scale Bachmann Porter 0-4-2 steam engine, a Davenport gas mechanical, some wooden side tippers and some metal V tippers.

The wagons although a slightly smaller scale I thought looked alright. The two locomotives however needed a bit of work. At this stage all I did was on the Davenport raise the height of the cab and exhaust pipe. I also added a hand rail to the front and rear as well. I painted the cab green to look a little different. I left the kadees as I am used to them on my USA switching layout.

The corrugated iron is an experiment using a kind of card that is used to stop you burning your hands with hot cups of coffee served in paper cups. I painted it a mix of grey and silver acrylics then dry brushed rust colours on later. The best thing is it didn’t cost a penny.

The Porter I removed the roof, extended the safety valve bonnet, fitted a reversing lever and hand brake wheel. The sides I increased in height and a Tamiya military figure is now the driver.

A bit more work has been done on the layout generally. This time the Fordson 27N has been joined by a Fordson standard "N"

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