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 Posted: Wed Aug 4th, 2010 07:10 am
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Thanks so much to all friends about yours warm welcome to me and very glad to be here. With this reply I can preview how to make coconut palm tree for you all and thanks again to every comments. thanan.:bow:

prepare all materials for begining construct. 30pcs. of wire 20-25cm. depend how long you need for yours scenery scale, 30pcs. of palm leafs 8x3cm. I use about 60gram white paper.

coconut palm leaf texture. upload and print.

glue all leafs to all wires

slide palm leafs as much as you can.

stab all wires on piece of foam and color its with medium green.

after finish with color gather them together and belt with piece of wire.

prepare art clay to cover the tree trunk.

wrap it and not to thick.

cut to make it look like tree spathes.

scratch around tree trunk with knife.

stab tree trunk to make it sections with mini screw driver.

cut again for trunk spathes at lower trunk.

color tree trunk with medium brown and prepare coconut fruits, I use mini foam ball.

color fruits with medium green and cover with medium brown for highlight.

bend palm leafs to action that you want.

finish the work. you can do as much as you can for yours diorama and you can use this technique alter to another palm in the same way just only change the leafs.

sugar palm leafs.
to my next trick please follow (how to make date palm tree)

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