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 Posted: Thu May 27th, 2010 05:22 pm
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Huw -

Heck when I saw the thing the first thing that came to mind is a grass burner (over here they sell an attachment to hook on to a propane (BBQ) gas cylinder that you use for burning weeds), thing is a bit oversize for "G" but I bet someone with more bashing skill than me could take the thing and downsize the tube at the end and you would have a real gas burning fire spitting weed killing snow melting whatever.

It comes with an electric start for getting the flame lit and has a booster button for really cranking up the BTU's for those hard to kill weeds, plus it is only about $40.00 way cheaper option that a scale jet engine. :)

Like Woodie mentioned I also like the fanciful and weird as well. :Crazy:

One of the best things about knowing Woodie and living close enough to visit him on occasion is that when you talk about some of this stuff he tends to offer advice on how you might build it instead of looking at you like you like you just ignighted a blue angel in an elevator.:bg:

You throw 'em out and one of these days someone will hit one.

Bobby :mex:

It's what you learn after you know it all--- THAT COUNTS!
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