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 Posted: Thu May 13th, 2010 01:01 am
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Yes, this has taken on a "life" of sorts. Now, what I have in mind is this-using Bobby's image of the Rainbo sign (black & white), I will "photoshop" that image so the lettering is maybe red and yellow or something like that (I don't have an ALPS printer so no white), get rid of the black field, and print the image (sized properly) on clear decal paper, and then cut closely around the lettering (not obsessing here) and apply the decal to the door. Does this work? Look:

I had this STAG beer sign decal (done by Jim-Mopman) and applied it to the screen material using liberal amounts of MICRO SOL. The clear part settled down into the screen and the "painted" lettering looks like it was painted on the screen. If you look at the real screen door, you couldn't see through the painted letters...therefore...

The decal is still wrinkled due to my wanting to show this and not letting the SOL dry. I think it works and seems pretty easy to do. Herb's patch idea is next...


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