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 Posted: Fri Apr 2nd, 2010 06:06 pm
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With my head held low - so I don't have to look you in the eyes - I'm using a pre-fab switch on this one (still a stub, though). I told you I was a wimp when it comes to hand laying. I've never hand laid a switch in my life and it scares me to no end. No - I don't know why.  :sad: I guess it's just the thought of making one or several mistakes. Funny, too, as I don't have that same fear at all in scratchbuilding those ore cars. (No...they ain't pre-fab!!)

I have looked at it over and over and wondered why I didn't just try to build one but - oh well.

Everything is in position though. I'm waiting for William to come over this weekend to help me distress the ties a bit and stain them. Then I'll spike the little sucker into place and start adding the connecting rails. I could have had all this finished but really want to include the little guy as much as possible.

I do promise to try my hand at laying a switch in the yard section 'cause I just know you'll call me a loser if'n I don't at least make the effort. Maybe you can bring that mulberry bush switch over and threaten me (that's the kind my Momma always made me go get out of the alley. And if it wasn't big enough I'd have to go back and get another.)

(He walks off dejected by all humanity...laughter and finger pointing following his every step.)

James Sullivan
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