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 Posted: Mon Jan 25th, 2010 01:49 am
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W C Greene

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James-yes, trains ran today! Here's something: the Favorite Spot may have Bachmann #29901 trucks cheaper than anyone else. Might have to check this out, the business owner is an Outlaw! Bachmann shows the trucks being available "first of the year"...well...what year? Those Foothills WSLCO On30 trucks may be what I want since I plan to build some wooden flats/stake sides which look like Gilpin cars, how well do they roll?

I wasn't talking about you starting a model rr business...just pointing out the pitfalls of doing such a thing. Hang on to your Caso coaches, they are the last of the breed! I recall some of the finescalers talking about "maybe I will order one sometime in 2017 or so"...ya snooze, ya loose! (I will probably hear about that). Anyway, I have a small mold for the ratchet & pawl which you may use to make some parts. I was thinking about offering them for sale but realized that with the work involved, I would need about 30 bucks per. I just heard that lead balloon falling...    Woodie

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