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 Posted: Sun Jan 24th, 2010 05:02 pm
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W C Greene

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James-I have pondered (weak & weary) about making castings for ore cars...and heck, I can build 3 of them in the time it takes to make a mold and mess with that and it may all be for naught (many a quaint and curious volume) when I pull the warped castings from the mold. I need 3 or so wooden flats or stake sides and they are pretty easy to hack together...just getting those dadgum trucks! Sure, there may be some others who would like a nice set of resin castings for 1:35n2 ore cars but then if you charged them for your time & materials, SOMETHING would not be right...the end sills are 2.5 scale inches too long, the bolsters need more NBW's, etc..

Remember Daniel Caso (quote the Raven)...he is happily making his own stuff now and is recovering from the kit business (nevermore). Yep.      Woodie

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