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 Posted: Fri Jan 22nd, 2010 04:40 pm
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Still here...suffering under the thumb of the MAN!

As to kits...I guess I could put together a drawing and the correct pieces of plastic and say, "Have at it!". OR...get off my duff and get the resin castings done. OR...just build what I need like you've done.

Seriously, and this is one heck-uv-a poor excuse, my mind has been so tired dealing with my real job that I just haven't cared once I was at home. And I keep telling myself to 'git off yur keester an' git ta work'. Hasn't helped so far.

As to Terlingua, it seems a road trip is in order. I have the motel picked and (I think) I can get the money freed up. I have a new camera and empty coffee cans. 

James Sullivan
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