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 Posted: Fri Jan 22nd, 2010 03:27 pm
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W C Greene

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Hey James-since you called me to see if I was still "alive" is now my turn. What are you doing? I was really amazed that there weren't any 35n2 ore car kits for sale at last weekend's show. The scale seems to be growing by leaps & bounds......yep..

The other night on PBS there was a 30 min. show about "24 hours in Terlingua" which showed some of the locals and a bit of the old "town". It looks like most of the residents either live in old broken down busses, tumble down mine structures, or even in some caves. It is my kind of place and a modeling inspiration for sure. The scenery is not too far off from the Mogollon/Clifton area that I love, I guess the boondocks is the boondocks wherever it is. You probably know about this already, but the USGS has a site with a 360 degree video of the Chisos area and other places in the Big Bend. While there, I also checked out a 360 of the Alpine Tunnel and that didn't look to different from Terlinga either!

Well, as Muj says "off your hocks, get on yer socks"...time to do some railroadin'...Woodie 

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