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 Posted: Mon Jan 18th, 2010 08:40 pm
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Dave D wrote: I need to work on my figure painting as well.  I was reading about some finer paints for this...I may need to try those too. I used craft paints for these.

Actually, the figures don't look all that bad for HO. And craft paints can work just as fine as some of the super high-powered (and costly) "miniature" paints. You could use either alcohol or wind-shield wiper fluid to thin them a bit and they'll work just fine.

What I would suggest to help make your figures pop is to give them a thin wash to help with the facial features and wrinkles in clothing. Painting the eyes and all will drive you bonkers but a wash will suggest at that scale.

Just my 2, opinions my own and worth as much...

Really nice touches on the diorama, BTW. However, I can't see those nice "wiped" dirty windows you had on the front of the building. 

James Sullivan
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