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 Posted: Fri Dec 18th, 2009 05:40 pm
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Huw Griffiths

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W C Greene wrote: Huw-none of my posts have ever been edited or "fixed" in any way except by myself. I don't think the movers & shakers here do that sort of thing. ... I have not seen any censorship here (although some posts might need it!).

I think I'd better apologise - I seem to have put across the wrong message in my post.

What I meant to say was that some people might have inadvertently posted things they thought they were putting in PMs - and that they might feel that they want to edit these posts. On the other hand, they might not - their choice entirely.

I can assure you that my concerns here were entirely connected with people accidentally making themselves vulnerable through unintended postings.

I've never had any issue with the way this site is run - and I'm not expecting this to change. 

I've never seen any censorship here - and I wasn't setting out to accuse anyone here of it. I'm sorry that I was misunderstood.


I'd also like to return to more pressing matters - like trains.



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