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 Posted: Fri Dec 18th, 2009 11:44 am
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ebtm3 wrote: I printed out the drawings from Michael's link also, but after looking at them I realized that with something like an 11 1/2 ft wheelbase, it probably would climb right out of my overly sharp curves.

It looks like Hornby might have been expecting similar issues with their OO Pacer railbus model:

It's very noticeable that their service sheet refers to a "motor bogie assembly" - replacing the front screw hole on the chassis with a curved slot (and possibly changing a few clearances) would allow the motor subframe to move freely on corners.

A similar arrangement is often used with RTR long wheelbase 4 wheel wagons - and also bogies on RTR steamers.

Saying that, the standard of the engineering in some of your other models suggests to me that you might not be the world's greatest fan of some of these work-rounds.



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