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 Posted: Tue Dec 15th, 2009 05:48 pm
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teetrix wrote: We have planned a meeting of the railcars... maybe in September at KS Modelling Days in Stromberg.

I reckon this would have been worth seeing.

I've always liked small railcars - and these ones look great.


Recently, I've been checking the internet - I've been trying to find out about some real railcars, built in the 1930s by Triebwagen und Waggonfabrik Wismar:


The unusual thing about these iconic railcars is that they have engines at both ends - only one is used at a time.

A number of German manufacturers produce models (or kits) - unfortunately, they're all rather expensive. This has got me thinking (often dangerous).

I don't know if similar vehicles were built elsewhere - if they were, this might mean that a freelance kitbash could be credible.

I guess I'll never find out - so I might just have to use up a few bodyshell scraps (and bits of plastikard, etc). I might also need to spend some drawing up plans in Illustrator - well, it certainly beats watching the "festive" turkeys on the television!



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