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 Posted: Sun Dec 6th, 2009 02:47 pm
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Dave D

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Thanks Lynn.

Layout design has been a major bummer for me.

I want too much, and have too many different interests, to be able to nail myself down to something I think will be happy with.

I am trying, I really am, sometimes I think I am just suffering from information overload.

Add to that, I have been able to talk Linda into allowing me to grab some extra space in the basement for my layout room. The main area I have now is 23 x 11.5 and I can add something in the area of 10 x 12 to make it L shaped now.

But.....there always seems to be a but...... I have just finished up the upstairs remodel of our home.

I have now completely remodeled the entire home, inside and out, the vast majority of which I did by myself, including all new doors and windows, each of which had to have the openings enlarged, all new siding, new roof, new attached 2 stall garage to replace a car port, stripping each room down to the bare stud walls and starting over....I need a break...the idea of now heading downstairs, and getting right into the same old rut to get a room ready for a layout, just does not appeal to me right now, well........ maybe a little.

I have a BUNCH of the Bar Mills kits which I enjoy building and have now started this one, I have had parts on order for my sawmill, which I have just been notified have finally shipped after a long wait.

Right now, I am helping to do rock work on a layout that is being built by a friend, for a woman who wants to use it to display some little ceramic  buildings...many of which are of a Green Bay Packers theme.......Gag...and I am a fan......Gag..... and run a purchased themed guessed it.....Green Bay Packers....Gag...but's her money.

So, I am enjoying the hobby as always...just not onto the layout aspect for myself just yet.

Believe me when I tell you...your not the only one asking about, or putting the spurs to me over this...I get it almost every day....literally..... from all corners of the globe. :time::bang: :bg:

Your doing great with yours though!!!!!:s::s::s::s:

My father worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master.
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