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 Posted: Fri Sep 4th, 2009 05:57 pm
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Bill Fornshell

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the comments.

Yes, the McKeen's are like my children.

The picture only looks like a 4 car train. It is 2 pair of 70 foot Motor Cars (the long ones) each with a Passenger / Trailer Car. That model Motor Car was the type that had the Gas / Electric Power truck. Those were a later modification to the old Gas Engine. The Gas / Electric power trucks ran really great. They just came along a bit to late to save the McKeen Motor Car.

That version of the 70 foot McKeen came in a lot of different designs. The 2 in the picture were Mail / Freight versions. I have a Brass Model like the 70 foot one in the picture and it could be turned into a Master Mold for a resin model. If I had 2 of them I might give up one to a Master Mold but I only have one. I am thinking about trying a kit-bash of 2 of the 55' Motor Cars into a 70 foot version.

I am about to start a scratch build of the McKeen Baggage Car (31 foot) and if it works out it will be the next car in the set. I have a Brass Baggage Car but haven't been able to get "permission" to use it for a Mold Master.

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