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 Posted: Mon Aug 17th, 2009 04:36 am
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It's been awhile since I last updated this thread. Life and work has keptme busy, busy, busy. This weekend I found myself with 48 hours to kill at a truckstop (which sucks to be honest). But it afforded me time to work on my critter. Photo below shows the under construction critter beside my RC transmitter.

The second photo shows the progress to date. The cowling is removable (as evidenced by it's slightly cantered tilt which I didn't notice when I took the photo). The four AA batteries will reside under it in a Radio Shack supplied holder. Battery swaps should be performed in only a couple of minutes.

The Losi ESC will reside in the fuel tank at the rear of the critter which has a removable top in the event servicing needs to be performed.

The four stanchens will support the canopy which I'm currently working on.

With the canopy installed it's a simple matter of hooking up the RC wiring and then detailing followed by a paint job. Forgot to mention that the body lifts off of the AristoCraft motor block too.

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