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 Posted: Thu Apr 23rd, 2009 11:40 am
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Thanks Mike, that was generally the reaction we got all weekend at the NGC.  It was its first showing, and also the first time it had been together in one piece.  We had no where big enough to set the whole thing up at home.

Lennart, the track plan is dead simple, just like the real one.  Essentially a single track from wharf to mine.  We have the highline spur to feed the ore bunker at the wharf, a passing loop at the large rock cutting (about mile 15) and a passing loop at the tipple site.  There is an added turnout that deviates down into the tunnel that heads under the mine, which enters a 2 track staging yard for basic train change overs.  There is also a hidden track that sends a loco and ore car out onto the ore bunker.  One train does the short ore bunker entry, the next train runs the full length from wharf to hidden staging under the mine, and the third train runs from the mine down to the high rock cut to "change over" to the next loco which would have completed the run down hill.  Infrared triggers run the auto shuttle circuits...runs all day with no operater needed.  There are dead sections of track to break the sections, with three separate throttles for the respective runs.  The most complicated "switching" we do is change the point to the staging yard so an alternate train does the long run to the wharf.  Sorry, there never really was a track plan as such, it just happened so to speak.

Dan Pickard

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