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 Posted: Thu Apr 23rd, 2009 07:15 am
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The goal...

We set ourselves 2 years to build this monster.  28' of exhibition layout, 5 sections plus a water extension at the wharf.  Small problem being John and I live about 200 miles apart...thank god for the internet and digital photography!!!

The frames (aluminium, polystyrene bases) were all built at my house, then track layed and wired, so we knew it would work before the layout was split to its respective owners for scenic work.  It runs as 3 indepenent circuits, all operated automatically with IRdot infared sensors (auto reversing circuits), so 3 locos are in operation at all times, making plenty of animation for exhibition patrons.  It might look like one line, but is actually split to create the animation side of things.  The whole thing runs on auto for the duration of the exhibition, leaving us to build other stuff and chat about the project.  Thats really how the prototype operated anyway, locos moving up and down the grade with loaded ore cars, no need for complicated operation here.

The modules are light weight, movable by one person (modules range from 1.7-2m long), fit snuggly in 2 trailers, and can be set up and running in around 1-2 hours.  Pack down is about 15 minutes!!!  A few of the touring American narrow gaugers at the recent Australian NGC seemed a bit amazed to see such a big layout disappear into the trailer so quick at the end of the show.  Come pack up time, we want to get home quick!!

Picture time then...

Dan Pickard

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