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 Posted: Mon Jan 26th, 2009 09:42 pm
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Hi all:
         After a loooong long search I've been able to arrange the laser cuttings for the coach kit. I would like to state very clear: I am not earning any money with this  but arranged  all what was needed just for the pleasure to see my design rolling on some of those wonderful rails I'll probably never see except in pictures.
         They are cut in Argentina by a very serious company  I fully trust .  I have also -because a fellow asked for- made a modificated version of the same kit with no side windows and fully planked sides so if someone wants to bash a baggage car or combine it would need to cut the side openings for a slide door and eventually windows. This second kit has no side doors but I've added a separation wall for the inside (with doors) for the case that a combine is wanted. For the same reason this second kit still have the seats.
The coach kit is numbered 1n21-001 and the "baggage"kit 1n21-002.
        Because the sending post  is the same for a weight of 100 to 500grams it would be a variation in the price when more than one kit is ordered.  Includded the packing the box can contain up to 5 kits.  The "baggage" kit is always 18U$S each as long as ordered with at least one coach.
        The posting costs are the same for the whole world.
        The prices for the coach kit are described below. The prices includes apart of the sending costs also the Export taxes.

                                                  1n21-001 COACH KIT
                                      (No underframe/trucks/wheels /couplers)

                       total price (in U$S)                  per kit(in U$S)

1 kit                          39.63.-                              39.63.-

2  kits                       61,71.-                              30,85.-

3  kits                       83,78.--                             27,93.-

4 kits                       105,86.-                             26,46.-

5 kits                       127.93.-                             25,59.-

If someone wants to order may do it directly from   Alejandro Eilberg


Delivery time is two weeks.

             In case someone order  please remember that my share in all this is to see some pictures of what your hands has done with the kits.

             Of course, you may always contact me for further questions.

             Thank you.




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