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 Posted: Sun Sep 7th, 2008 10:25 pm
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Daniel-it's something to think about. Yes, the narrow sections are ideal for "pulling the pins", there are a couple of areas on the layout where it really is a pain. I have found that the links need to be longer, at least 1 scale foot, for backing operations as the small links tend to bind up on tight curves with grades when being pushed. I am running ore cars and other equipment with 2 trucks(bogies) so the push/pull loads are a little different and the sharp curves are possible with longer links also. Some kind of "automatic" pin puller via r/c could be made...anything is possible. But then, each car would need to have this feature when cutting cars, etc. If only there were a race of 3/8 scale humans who would love old trains....what a thought!       Woodie

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