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 Posted: Sun Sep 7th, 2008 03:20 pm
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Daniel-the plastic wheels and axles are one way, the sliding magnets or maybe electro magnets are another way. As for prototypical, when I was in Clifton, Arfizona-the "cradle" of 20 inch gauge railroads in the US-I saw a 4 wheel ore car with knuckle couplers. At the Phelps Dodge mining office, there is a display of mine cars and an electric trolley loco, also 20 inch. While looking at the stuff, I noticed that one of the cars had the knuckles. I took a photo(which I will have to find) with my cap nearby to show the size. The couplers were as small as some I have seen on miniature railroads in parks, but there they were on this old piece of mining equipment. So, there is indeed a prototype for everything. I know that many modelers who use link & pin couplers don't really operate their trains, being content to watch them run around. When you get into operations, making trains, setting out cars and picking them up, and other switching moves, things can get kind of crazy. At times, I have thought about installing knuckles on my stuff but I know that these wou't stay coupled on twisting, jumpy, roller coaster track so I stay with l&p's. Another idea is to remove the magnets and use a pointed stick like a bamboo sqewer used for grilling. The sticks can slip between the knuckles and uncouple the cars very easily. Sometimes, old technology is better suited than high tech for solving problems.


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