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 Posted: Sun Sep 7th, 2008 08:45 am
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           Yes. I understand that.  But I have a dozen of those wonderfull 1/32 scale Wrightlines skips. They are white metal and epoxy glued. They are just PERFECT in every aspect. No way I am going to try to remove the wheelsets for replacement. Among other things because even their tiny wheels are prototype (curly spoked, rigth size, right profile, etc); but most of all because they run as Swiss watches.

          I thinki I will give link & pin operation a seriuos try and then see. One of the most interesting aspects of our hobby is that we are constasntloy learning, changing, re-starting, adapting,etc. May be, if link & pin operation becames too frustrating, I will reconsider it. But first I want to give it a chance.

          I am a bit confused now and don´t know if I have picked up the idea here or somwhere else: a few days ago I saw someone had installed under the table magnets but  with a sliding mechanism that alows it to stay out from track except when needed. I like that idea a lot. But still remains the fact that a 20` gauge railway with automatic couplers seems not too prototypical.

         I must confess that if Woodie hasn´t saved the whole thing with his roll as  RCC Guru, I´d choosed for giving up every operation and concentrate on building static models. Some guys as Marc reusser are doing wonderful work that way.

          But don´t misunderstand me: NOTHING IS DEFINITIVE in this hobby.




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