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 Posted: Sat Sep 6th, 2008 05:54 am
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             Well. it seems that it will be a long way until my to rollingstock will be operating decently. Until now link/_ Pin operatin in scale is just theory for me.
            Originaly I planned to use Kadee´s  and when laying the track for the )until now only' module I installed  four `under the track`Kadee magnets. They do their work good, but they do some unwanted and unasked work too: Wrightlines skips tend to dance Salsa when slowly passing the magnets. That is because the no/nonmagnetic axles, I asume. But I wouldn´t even consider to alter those wonderfull wheels. So Kadee must go. I´ll need to do a lot of work now to remoive /from beneth/ the magnets. Otherways I would need to install those terrible noisy Kadee electromagnetic uncouplers. I still have two of them but I´ll give first link & pin operation a try.
            I´ve received yesterday a mail from Lucas Gargoloff, the Argentine friend who translated my Sketchup drawings to CAD and arranged the laser cuttings in Argentina. He has just joined Free Rails and tells me  he is amazed by your work with Mogollon Ry..
             I understand that very well.


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