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 Posted: Thu Sep 4th, 2008 10:43 am
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Hi Woodie and all:
                            Thank you ALL for the  nice words. Indeed, this first try with laser cuttings has left a wonderfull experience and a new monster: how to get home one of those laser cutting machines? It is really just amazing!
                            I designed the coach with  Google's 3D drawing Sketchup program and it was translated to CAD by Lucas Gargoloff, the Argentine friend who also arranged the cuttings in Buenos Aires  (who is presenting this days a new range of (sorry) 0n30 kits representing two coaches of "La Trochita", a 750mm gauge line in south Argentina. still steam operated by Henschel and Baldwin Mikados from 1922.) Without his and Ernesto Ceriana's help there would be no coach kit  at all.
                            The coach is designed after shaking in a dark box averything I've seen about narrow gauge and everything I've been imagining about it.
                            It was unavoidabkle to consider going commercial with this and other kits, but after several reflections and comments on the matter I concluded that it would be the faster way of destroying the pleasure of my hobby and turning it bitter. So I desisted. But: with no commercial intentions at all I would be very pleased to make a small production of this coach -and possible other kits that  I've been designing for myself- and just sell them for the costs + posting. I am now looking for a laser cutting company here in Holland and once I have a clear idea about how many coaches  must let be cut I will come up with a real price. So if someone here would like to order some of the coaches, please let me know so I can have an indication about the total number to be ordered.
                            Why do I do it this way?
                            Well, 1n20  is not the most popular scale/gauge one can imagine. In terms of commerce one would do better at thinking in 0n30 or even H0. So not for me. But since I still really want to see  running in my layout the things I am designing and will keep doing them, there is no reason not to share the results with other modellers. Not  being able to reach the same quality in every area of the hobby, I would really appreciate if other fellow modellers would do something similar and share here so we can enjoy also the products of their talents. Finaly, it is a great pleasure this kind of scale-tourism: to see the coach born from my imagination running for example on the Mogollon Ry tracks that I so often contemplated through this and other forums. It is just amazing!

                          Thank you all.



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