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 Posted: Mon Mar 21st, 2022 09:35 pm
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Mikel Parker

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So the first order of business, was to stain the wood.

So I went back and forth,
with what to use, and the look I was after.

And after finding some photos of the prototype,
and looking at various interpretations of models in different gauges,
I decided I wanted a pretty worn look,
and so I went back to an old solution (pun intended).

I had a jar of stain made for Sierra West's engine house 15-20 years ago
(ink and water, with several shades of Polly-S paint all combined)
and after checking it out (funky but not terrible)
soaked my wood in it over night (with agitation now and then).

I figured the flat piece of siding would be a problem, but all seemed good,
and I dried that under weighted glass.

You can see the effect I got, which was kinda cool I thought,
moldy and aged looking.

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