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 Posted: Wed Nov 24th, 2021 10:50 pm
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David Laughery

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I've been in N scale since the 1960s,
and was active on another now defunct N scale forum. 

Lately I have been side tracked with Gn15 and large scale vehicles,
but have always kept my N scale layout dusted off and rails clean. 

I modeled the Bangor & Aroostook and Maine Central,
but presently have Conrail, Penn Central, and Amtrak running on the layout. 

I've been having a lot of fun collecting older rolling stock in these schemes.     

I have a friend, another old guy, who models the Santa Fe. 
The other night, while running trains, he mentioned he was sorry
he sold his Bachmann 65' passenger Santa Fe cars years ago. 

As a gift for him I have collected three of these, two coaches and a combine. 
The observation proves to be elusive, none offered on eBay since I've been looking. 

Can anyone verify that Bachmann did, indeed,  make a Santa Fe observation ? 
If yes, does anyone have one for sale ? 

Thanks for any help with this. 

Regards, Dave L. 


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