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 Posted: Tue Aug 10th, 2021 10:02 pm
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In 2018, my wife and I went on a trip,
to countries in the northern Mediterranean, as well as England.

While there, I found most of the British model train magazines,
and got one of each I found.

However, outside of the UK, I never found anything.

After we got back, I found copies off eBay for the May 2018 issue of 'Le Train'.

Which was odd, as at the two Paris RR stations we went in and out of,
they only had US issues of Model Railroader for sale !

I assume there were real/model train magazines in Spain, Portugal and Italy,
but I never saw any for sale.

I also can't find any mention of any of them, even by name.

What would be good real/model train magazine titles for those countries,
assuming they exist ?

And would anyone know where I could find May 2018 issues of them ?

These are magazines I would have bought, had I seen them for sale...

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