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 Posted: Tue Dec 1st, 2020 08:59 pm
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" Howdy Si.

Does this count? "

Hi Daniel  :wave:

I don't know ?  I never got to see it !  :f:

I nearly went for a coffee break, whilst the 'Imgur' Front Page loaded !  :java: :y:

Then there was a ton of 'Facebook' garbage & spyware loading up.  :shocked:

Finally :time:there was a box telling me how much they "value my privacy" ! ... (oh yeah ?)

... followed by them saying, Click-Here on  'I AGREE'  or you'll see NOTHING !  :mex:

I didn't think there was a worse photo-hosting company than 'PhotoBucket' ... Until now !  :us:

It all makes the Freerails FREE Members 'Gallery' look like a Rolls Royce !  :bg:

Anyway, I hope you're doing OK Daniel ...  ;)

... & your weathering is coming along nicely.  :thumb:

:java::moose: :dt:



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