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 Posted: Tue Aug 4th, 2020 07:19 am
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Well, after doing tons of research, I realized I better just quit thinkin',
and build a sample of a car with the lumber I have on hand.

It's an interesting design and I feel I learned a lot about the how and why of narrow gauge car building.
It still needs center beams on it too. Most of the middle will be hidden by a log load though.

It's my first attempt.
Since I used what I had on hand and I can see where I might use different dimensions of lumber.
But if I keep staring at it long enough I may not care.

Note to self, never super glue train parts together under dim lighting conditions.
What seemed lined up is now clearly a bit off, oh well.

I think now that I am past the brain draining research stage I can build a small fleet of these.

Total cost on actual materials and not counting hours of scouring the web, about 7 bucks.
The biggest cost was buying an old Tyco box car off the web,
so I could harvest the trucks and couplers.

Did I ever mention that I like trains?
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