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 Posted: Sun Aug 2nd, 2020 02:07 pm
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Some time ago I noticed a model of the weird Southern F-M railcar on Shapeways.

(it had an 5 axle wheel arrangement when built, later converted to six axles) 

Then found it was printed in 1:160 ! 

Contacted the designer, he agreed to convert the body to 1:87 ...
not for public sale, but an special issue only for me.

Cost ~ €200 as it was large
(came in two parts as it wasn't possible to print it in one piece)
and maybe was thicker than necessary, because it was scaled up from N scale. 

When I unpacked it, I was shocked to see,
that most of the body had vertical raised stripes wherever it has rivets.
Neither the designer nor I knew why.... 
Later I got an explanation from another designer.

I was offered to return it for a refund,
however I decided to keep it in the vague hope to find a fix.

Maybe sand it smooth? Apply Archer rivets (thousands)
so it rested in an old Athearn box for a long time.

Two months ago I made up my mind to try something.
Washed it with brake cleaner, then sprayed it with filler.

Checked surface... better.
Sprayed again.

Tried to sand the empty areas without damaging rivets.
Found that the front end was covered with overspray, looking like HO grass,
or the fur of a little animal.... impossible to remove this mess.
Sanded the front smooth, rivets gone.

Now divided the body in several sections with masking tape,
laid it on a table and sprayed the upper surface only, so the filler would not run down,
let dry, then masked the next, sprayed again. 

Outcome was so-so, but now I hope I may use it with some dull paint and heavy weathering
(the prototype looked very sad when it was used for MOW service in its last days)

Yesterday I pulled an envelope with various sets of Archer rivets from the decal box,
and started to apply them to the bald front end...

Found that the ultra thin decal foil had deteriorated,
so I mostly had to apply four or five rivets at a time, sometimes only one!
as it was impossible to transfer longer rows to the body.

That's how it looks right now:  

Still mulling how to paint it....

Don't want to have an exact model of a Southern Railcar,
but maybe will adapt the scheme with other colors for my own line.

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