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 Posted: Sat Jun 6th, 2020 07:27 pm
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I have to admit I haven't (yet) a clear concept what this mine actually does.
The whole thing started as we had a unsightly area on the club layout,
with a diminutive mine building from the early stages of layout construction.

Some years ago another member started to build a stamp mill,
with several storage tracks on the lowest level (this is a multi level layout).

Being fascinated with mines forever,
I came up with the suggestion to build a mining complex on the top level.
Started first and later read literature on the subject...
as we have the stamp mill already, we need some sort of ore.
The ore train which will have to go from top to ground level as an extra,
will have to find his way between the scheduled trains!

Have downloaded plans of the Kennecott Mine in Alaska to gain some knowledge.
Very confusing, with all those buildings intermingled!

As the mine is situated somewhere in the Southwestern Desert,
it must be working independently of outside sources of energy,
the boiler house has to produce all energy.
So question one, answer is all 4.

Re boilers,
I think the rectangular industrial boilers available in resin and 3D should be suitable.
I guess thay are Lancashire boilers?
However, not sure if it is worth the effort to add interior to the boiler house,
as it will be above eye level and one would have to climb on a stair to look inside.
There will be an track to boilerhouse level, to supply coal or oil and machinery parts. 

I have found that most western mines had wood construction boilerhouses
(wonder how many burned?) and as the complex already has plenty of wooden buildings,
I would like to have something else for variety.
A boilerhouse would make sense, a earlier one may have been replaced after an disaster.

Here in this forum there are several pics of structures covered with (worn and rusty)
corrugated sheeting which look fascinating, however mostly these are small sheds.

What I also want to include, those tall steel smokestacks common in US mining,
here in Europe, we had mostly one big brick stack.

Hope this helps to give you an idea of my plans.

Thanks for your help !

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