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 Posted: Sun May 24th, 2020 07:32 pm
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Mikel Parker

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Yes I remembered seeing the kit for years,
and once I got collecting depot kits, I found this for a decent price...

A lot of these older kits are funky
(shrunk wood, clumsy castings, cardboard, dead decals etc.)
but they are kinda fun, in spite of issues.

Which leads me to windows...
1st shot is me gooping on craft paint over sprayed window castings.
I cleaned them up, cleared the bit of flash (minimal),
and used a flat red rattle can primer coat.

I don't have a good spray set up, so usually use what I have on hand,
and wanted a cruddy look, like a lot of coats of paint on the old station.
Boy I got it...

:shocked:  mikel


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