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 Posted: Tue May 5th, 2020 04:44 pm
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" ACME Dynamite was not big enough to leave a hole like that "

Hi Ken  :wave:

That's good to know ...  :boogie:

... probably only woke up the neighbours in a 10 mile radius then !  :P 

Would have had to have used a TON of foam for the 'FCrater' ...

... better used as 'FRocks' I think !  :cool:

I remember 'ACME Dynamite' now ...  L:

... cos I saved the photo you Posted of the wreckage a while back ...

... I guess the roof is currently orbiting Space Junk !  :shades:

I quite fancy an EXPLOSIVES ! car for the  :moose: Rly.
Collected the oDd picture or two, but haven't got any great ideas yet.  :dope:

I was going to ask how ACME shipped the product, from their new location ...  ???

... but I guess the answer to that, is simply ... CAREFULLY !  :w:




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