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 Posted: Fri Jan 10th, 2020 02:04 pm
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Joseph Lavender

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Thanks for the info Woodie.

I’ve read your thread through probably 5 or 6 times so far!
It’s great to see someone’s take on a prototype,
and it gives me some ideas on how I want to proceed.

I wish I could make the boxcar power-car smaller,
and it’s really bothering me.
But since I’m going to start building it today or tomorrow,
I need to decide on how I’m going to do it.

Wood seems more likely to me,
but I do have some scale corrugated plate I made for another project,
so that’s tempting me.
Maybe I’ll build both and see which wins out.

Greetings Si.

Yep, everything will be 2’ gauge Zn2.
I absolutely love building things as small as I can.

I have a website for my micro-sized ship models,
if you’d like to see what I’m up to there.

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