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 Posted: Thu Jan 9th, 2020 07:12 pm
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The SCPA&M in Zn2 !!

It was hard enough for me to build what I could in 1:35n2.

There is my thread here on Freerails about my effort,
I tried to include what I thought were the most interesting scenes (to me).

Here is a shot of the smelter at Silver City, a model in my scale would take up almost the entire back yard!

Here you see the slag pile right behind the 7 stall enginehouse, with models of the foundry and machine shop.

SCNG author Duane Ericson sent me drawings of what he knew about track arrangements here,
there is some dual gauge (standard gauge AT&SF, and the 2 foot SCPA&M).

The red oxide ore cars are copies of the SC's cars.

The "mysterious" box car you are building,
has been described as being made of "corrugated metal",
which would appear to resemble such a car used on sugar cane lines,
but then another source believes it was wood.
My take on it is seen next to the machine shop on the dual gauge track.

Whatever you do I am sure that even nitpickers can't holler,
since nobody now living has ever seen the car,
and besides, it's your version...who's gonna gripe?!

PS-that slag pile was NOT my favorite thing to model,
but it was part of the scene so.....


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