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 Posted: Wed Jan 1st, 2020 12:30 am
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WOW !! ... Twin ^^ pantographs ??  ???  ???

I guess the HUGE transformer would be replaced these days ...  :old dude:

... by one of those mooodern switch-mode power-supplies, that blow-up every 5-mins !  :f:

- - - - - - -

Talking of twin (or even QUAD) pantographs &   v  e  r  y   mooodern .  .   .   :shades:

I suppose if you need 4 rails to run on ... You probably need 4 buffers to go with them !!!!  :shocked:  :shocked:    :shocked:  :shocked:

Judging by the illustration, it's much much quicker than the airplane  :slow:  as well !

That nice chunky knuckle-coupler on the front, is def. not a 'Kadee' No.5  ;)

Kit assembly instructions are all computerised ^^ of course ...  :brill:

... & supplied on 'future-proof' optical-disc.  :Crazy:

The included decals look pretty jazzy as well.  :java: [whack] 

Could this be the inspiration for Gerolds "Mystery Railcar" ?  L:  :us:

It would surely look great with a re-paint & in 'California Pacific' orange !  :cool:

When they finalized designs for 'The Bullet Train' ...  :dt:

... I recon some of those Japanese principles of 'Zen' were applied in the end for the 'real' version.  :P

Or "KISS" as Woodie would say.  :cb:

(except in the dual-gauge bits)  ;)




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