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 Posted: Thu Nov 28th, 2019 05:08 pm
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Forgive me if you've already seen this on my Updah thread,
but as this one's devoted to railcars and railtrucks,
I'm showing Updah's most recent.

It started life as a Tins Toys 1934 Ford truck.

And ended up with an NWSL Stanton Drive power truck,
a Loksound Goose decoder in the tool box on the flat bed,
a sugar cube speaker under the hood, lights and sound,
and a heavily adapted Bachmann caboose as a trailer.

I was originally intending to use a Tenshodo SPUD for power but, like many others,
just couldn't get it to work well and found the NWSL version massively superior.

It pulls the Bachmann trailer, which itself is heavy,
and additional wagons up Updah's inclines with ease.

And here it is on its first running trial

And round trip.

By the way, the creaking on the videos is my rather poor camera tripod bearing,
not the truck mechanism!



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