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 Posted: Tue Nov 26th, 2019 01:38 am
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W C Greene

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Lately I have devoted some time to building a couple of railtrucks for the Big Bend narrow gauge.

Like every self-powered piece of stock I run, these are powered by batteries...
but they are not radio controlled.
Instead of spending lots of dinero on these with r/c boards installed,
I went the "easy" route with just a battery and magnetic reed switch to turn em' on or off.

Their little motors are geared about 40:1 and with a single cell 3.7 Li-Poly (little dude),
they run at a respectable 5 to 7 SMPH with no reverse.
Model T railcars (real ones) tended to overheat when run in reverse so it is "prototypical",
and the trucks can be turned on the turntables anyway.

Soooo, when I want to run one,
I simply stick a tiny magnet to the switch and away she goes,
then when I want to stop, just take the magnet off.
Simple and no "mystical radio wave"operation.

The trucks are built from die-cast 1:32 scale Model T's,
one with an enclosed body (left),
and the other has a "ventilated" body with screen wire installed.

The motors come from ???? (junque box) and the driven wheels have gear towers,
from old and expensive brass diesel mechanisms (the 40:1 ratios)
that I have had for many years, again in the aforementioned old stuff supply.

I am very happy with these critters,
and it is a hoot to watch one run from end to end without any control.
They also have found some track problems which got fixed,
so they trundle along without a care...just what I want!


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