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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 01:57 pm
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Tom Harbin


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Great advice on making spares.
Since you will be doing that, I'll add another wrinkle.

I don't recall you mentioning your printer.
There are four main home printer types:

1. Lasers use heat transfer and are generally waterproof.

2. Standard inkjet uses dye-based ink and is generally not waterproof.

3. Some inkjet printers use pigment-based media and is generally waterproof.

4. ALPS, some prosumer printers and some converted inkjets use dye-sublimation,
    and is generally waterproof.

Bottom line:

If you are printing on an ALPS or a Laser, you are all set.
If you have a dye-sub printer you know it, as they are not cheap.
If you are using an inkjet you should test a print in water to make sure it holds up.

No matter what printer is used give the decal ample time to dry.
It takes longer on decal sheet than on regular paper.

If it is dye-based it may have an issue with running,
if pigment-based it will probably be fine.

If not, Testors makes a decal spray for their decal sheets,
that can be sprayed over the decal before wetting to help protect it.
I would not use it though if you don't need it as it adds another film layer,
and slightly affects the quality of the decal.

You probably know all of this stuff,
but I figure it never hurts to put it out there as some may not know,
and I hate to think of someone ruining a lot of hard work with a smudged decal.


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