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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 04:53 am
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Tom Ward


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Tom Harbin wrote
Tom, I'm speechless.

Hey Tom, thanks for the nice comment.

Below is a shot of the decal. 

I removed all the maroon background color from the photo,
to allow the painted air tank to show through. 

The decal is only 5/8" wide,
reduced from an original image that was about 4.5" wide,
and I'm pleased with the sharpness and detail. 

Since my printer insisted on placing the image in the center of the page,
and I didn't want to waste an entire sheet of decal paper. 
I printed the image first on paper,
and cut out a small piece of decal paper about twice as big. 
I taped the edges of that directly over the paper image,
and ran that through the printer.
Worked like a charm. 

I just ordered some "decal set" so I'll wait until that's delivered,
before applying the decal to the air tank.

One more thing. 
I'm using a sliver of cassette tape for the belt on the compressor. 
Any suggestions for giving it a dull finish?

- Tom Ward

Tom Ward

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