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Hi   o D d i T y   fans  :wave:

After   'MICHIGAN IRONWORKS, CADILLAC, MICH'   on the loco frame ...

... it goes on to say   'PAT JUNE 14 1881'

Which of course belongs to this well known chap.

NO ! ... NOT the guitar player  :cool:  from ZZ Top !  :old dude:

In a nutshell, from the interesting link that Dan ^^ Posted ...

- - - - - - -

Shay granted manufacturing rights to a second machine works, this one in Cadillac Michigan.

A relatively new company, Michigan Iron Works,

then under the ownership of J. W. Cummer and James Henderson in 1882. 

The locomotive they would produce differed a great deal from Shay's design,

but again, Shay's patented 'concept ' covered their design.

It would be referred to as the "Henderson Shay". 

This Shay design was very different indeed.

The drive shaft line was off the left center and under the engine and the pistons were under the horizontal boiler.

This design actually proved to be more powerful than the Lima Shay's,

and in fact set a record of hauling 47 fully loaded log cars with 393 logs to a sawmill.

Ephraim Shay's exact financial arrangement with the Michigan Machine Works is not known,

however it had to be similar to that of Lima's,

as Mr. Shay would advertise and promote Shay Patent Locomotives sales for both companies.

In 1882 Shay had printed a 12 page circular mentioning both Machine Works.

Shay also in November of 1883 traveled with George Disman of Lima Locomotive Works,

through the southern states promoting and selling the locomotives.

In May and June of 1883 Shay was in Chicago for the National Exposition of Railway Appliances,

as an exhibitor with a model of his Shay engine.

In July he was in Santa Fe NM for the completion of the A.T. & S.F. line through AZ.

In the fall he was attending the Wexford County Fair in Cadillac Michigan.

Shay's arrangement with Michigan Iron Works ended in 1883 when the company went bankrupt.

They had produced only 6 locomotives in their short history.

James Henderson left for work with Lima Machine Works as soon as they were out of business.

Why the Henderson style Shay was not more popular is somewhat another mystery since Ephraim was promoting both. 

The fact that Ephraim made road trips with Lima employees in the early 1880's,

and that Henderson became a Lima employee himself may clear some of the mystery.

Lima on the other hand was doing quite well with Shay Patent Locomotives.

- - - - - - -

If you Google Search the name of the  C.L.Co.R.R  locomotive in the photo ... 'James Thomas' ...

... you'll get something a bit like this !  :f:

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