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 Posted: Mon Aug 5th, 2019 12:52 am
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Steven B

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Tom, thank you. 

That means something coming from a guy,
building a roundhouse and engine shop like the one that you have. 
Wow, is all I can say.
I hope when I get to mine, I can do as well as you. 
You've inspired me to plan a little better, a facility to service my stable.

Woodie, yeah.

I listen and read these forums. 
I got what you said loud and clear about operating. 
I have this set of L&Ps strictly for photos.
I may go with HO "scale head" couplers for making it less distinct. 
As a former HO rivet counter,
I've got a bunch of those too and they operated well.


I've been looking at the new combine trucks. 
The ones that came with the Bachmann set up are freight trucks. 
A rough ride for the well heeled mine owners of the Yankee Blade mines. 

Even if a shorter car is needed to negotiate the turns,
transportation is still a thing of beauty,
beating the mule trains by a long shot.

The trucks that came originally with Combine 1 were an option,
as I changed them out with the Carter version. 
But they were too long of a wheel base for the car and looked rather ungainly. 

So I dug into my stash,
and lo and behold there were a set of old MDC "Old Timer" passenger trucks,
from a long gone "Overland" kit.


Well geeze, these have about the same wheel base as the Bachmann freight truck. 
And OH!  LOOKIE!  The wheels are a drop in fit. 
DANG, how cool is that?

That was so easy, I need a Staples Button.   :brill:  

So I had to drill out the mounting hole,
and it slipped right over the mounting pin on the frame.
The car rides a little higher,
but that is ok, as I am using On3 standards for coupler height,
and have to raise each car up.
Once I get to a point where I am mounting couplers,
I may have to file them down some,
but it makes it an easier starting point.

Clipped the talgo coupler pads off the truck,
and stuck it underneath to see what's going on and how it looked. 

Not bad for a cheap date.

So I did the other one.

And then set it up for comparison next to Combine 1. 
Short, but the dimensions kind of look right. 
I guess the HO ones are heavy duty for HO, but rather nice in On30. 
I am very happy. 
Sometimes things just go my way, I revel in these moments.  :sad: 

Not much time to work on things lately,
but this has been a stumbling block and now we will move on as time permits.

Steven B.
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