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 Posted: Thu Aug 1st, 2019 04:09 pm
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Steven B

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Getting on the Rails.

I think this project is complete.  :glad: 

I had a few hours and worked through the list of things that needed to be finished or repaired. 
The ends are done, the brake levers are back in place, the chains are in and clerestory was finished. 
I am pretty happy with it. 

Photos are amazing things. 
One end looked higher than the other... and I'll be danged, it is.
Huh, wonder how that happened. 

It must have been when the plug fell out of the truck mount when I was fixing the "list."
Looks to be off somewhere in the neighborhood of 1/16 of an inch when I put the coupler height gauge up to it. 
No big deal. 
I can fix it probably with a washer.  

One of the things that I did not add were the truck chains. 
I am not sure that these won't interfere with operations.
So until I have some place to try this out, I am going to leave them off.  

You will also have noticed that I have Link & Pin couplers on the car. 
I picked some up from Foothill, that use Kadee #5 boxes. 
The idea, for operations, is to use #5 Kadee couplers as my ops couplings. 
(I take Woody's experience with great thought)

NOBODY apparently wants to use L&P when switching. 
This will be a big "ugh" when I get to some locos. 
I am going to have to find some mountable #5 heads,
that can slip into the pilot area with those big ol' wooden pilots that were used back then. 
It is going to be a bit of playing around and might not look super cool.

Anyway, it's nice to have this done.

More when I get the #4 Combine done.
It is getting close, a quick build. 
I am just trying to find a nice set of trucks that might be a little more correct,
instead of those freight trucks that came with it.

Next on deck... My Masonized Forney.   :boogie: 

Can't wait to see how this turns out... 


Steven B.
Humboldt & Toiyabe Rwy
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